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Pramila Sharma welcomes you to the wonderful world of Hindi Literature. You will find this website a rich source of Hindi Stories and Hindi Poems. It was very encouraging for me for what I have heard from my fans about Hindi kavita and Hindi Kahaniyan that I have written. I decided to share with the world through the medium of this website. Beautiful Hindi Poems and Interesting Hindi Stories; maybe I'm writing a magazine piece. Now for me, morning wind forever blows; the poem of creation is uninterrupted. My Website also gives you sad , juicy and racy stories, but if you will try to restrain your tears I will promise you that I will tell you more picaresque , romantic , suspenseful , tragic , untold ,stories and experiences.

Hindi Poems

माना कि तुमने अपने लक्ष्य तक पहुंचने के भरसक प्रयास किये थे पूरी मेहनत और लगन के साथ फिर भी हर बार नाकामयाबी का मुंह देखना पड़ा और अब इस ...

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होता है अजब जीवन का मेला यहां हर इंसान को चलना पढ़ता है अकेला खुशियों के लम्हों में लगता जो अपना संकट की घड़ियों में वो ...

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